You’re Unbe-leafable

BeLeaf Collage

Here’s another gorgeous, seasonally splendid lacquer from Smitten Polish’s What a Punny Autumn Collection, Can You BeLeaf These Puns? Like the polish I featured yesterday, collection mate Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season, BeLeaf is a rich jelly polish, this time a warm, red-tinged brown, stuffed with gently glimmering holographic glitter. Once again, I think these polishes show their best selves in the shade, where they look deep and textured – in BeLeaf’s case, that slightly textured look reminds me of coffee grounds (tell no one, but sometimes when I make coffee, I just stick my face in the bag of grounds and inhale. I love to drink the stuff, but I might almost like to smell it more; one of life’s great fragrances.)

BeLeaf Shade Fingers

Best of all, Can You BeLeaf These Puns? seems to be a colour dupe of another Smitten lacquer and one of my all time favourite polishes, linear holo Seasonal Lattes from last year’s fall collection. A good, super rich, chocolate brown holo is a hard thing to find, so you’ve got to jump on that java-hued goodness while you can. To that end, you can find Smitten’s beautiful polishes, including Can You BeLeaf These Puns?, here.

BeLeaf Shade Bottle

The Punny Punkin

Punkin Collage

This super festive polish, which looks like fall leaves, a Jack-o-Lantern and 1970s-style shag carpeting, is a Smitten Polish creation by the name of Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season? I salute Smitten for the creative wordplay, this beautiful glitter polish coming from their four-piece What a Punny Autumn Collection (along with another gorgeous polish I’ll be featuring this weekend, espresso brown Can You BeLeaf These Puns?)

Readers of this blog and even casual stopper by-ers know that it’s puns aplenty here at Finger Candy, some super cheesy, while others are merely gouda (*grrrrroooooaaaaannnn*) So that quality certainly appealed to me about these polishes. But beyond that, they are absolutely lovely, with this particular formulation of Smitten’s, a mix of holographic micro glitter in a lush jelly base, being a favourite. Like a similar Smitten polish I already own and adore, turquoise Glacial Springs, Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season? is a stunner under direct light, its holo glitter throwing off mad rainbows.

Punkin Fingers

But in the shade is where I think these kind of polishes do their best work, taking on a deep, almost textured look where the glitter glimmers softly from the jelly depths. Poetic, right? 😉

Punkin Fingers Shade

Texture-wise, these polishes do have a bit – I’d expect nothing less from a micro glitter – so I’d recommend a layer or two of a good, glossy topcoat to smooth out the barest of rough edges and deepen up all that amazing glitter for a perfectly punny Pun-kin.