Stay Normal, Peeps

Peeps Collage

Is it still spring out there?  We’re still in 2020, right?  And this IS Planet Earth, yes?  Show of hands if you, like me, have found the last two weeks to be wildly disorienting.  I woke up this morning and had NO idea what day it was, or how far into the month of March we were.  To deploy a favourite Buffy-ism, time’s gone all David Lynch over here.

So in the midst of the March that will not end, I was tending to a bit of what-season-is-it-anyways? cleaning when I ran across this cheery old KB Shimmer polish, Where My Peeps At?  Rummaging around, I discovered that a number of my KB polishes – mostly the three-quarters empty, glitter-packed ones I’ve used time and time again – had completely dried out.  I guess I just loved them too hard.  The move was also not terribly kind to them (the move was not terribly kind to ANY of our possessions.)


But Where My Peeps At? was still standing strong.  And since merely staring at its sunny yellow hue was cheering me up, I thought I’d go the extra mile and give myself a nice little manicure.  Then, if I was feeling so inclined, I’d maybe go outside and take some pictures for the blog, find a nice spot around the side of the house where the lighting is good and the neighbours won’t see me standing there in nothing but my jammies and a really bitchin’ mani.  Then I’d go back inside because of, you know, that whole troublesome end of times thing.

And so that is what I did!  And it felt great, better than I’ve felt – more normal than I’ve felt – in weeks.  So if you, like me and probably 95 percent of the world, feel like life has gone completely bananas and you’re just a little lost, try returning to an activity you have not indulged in for quite some time, even if it’s as simple as just painting your nails.  I think you’d be amazed at how comforting and soothing a hesitant attempt at normalcy can really be.

Peeps 1

Peep This Polish

Where My Peeps Bottle

The temperature took an unwelcome turn for the bitter today, and just as I was starting to warm up (wah wah) to this spring business.  I may have mentioned one or two or 50 times this month that I’m DONE with the cold weather, but as always, no one’s listening – certainly not that asshole Mother Nature, probably off being all bohemian and flighty, working on her flower crown for Coachella or something.

So I thought I’d usher in the warmer weather my way, with a favourite springy polish, KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At?  This polish, a beautiful mix of rainbow-hued circle glitter in a yellow crelly base, is spring plus-plus – very Eastery.  As such, I don’t wear it very often, but when I do, I always get a ton of compliments.  And for good reason!  It’s super adorable (like jellybeans nestled in chick fuzz) and so much fun.  I’ll definitely be wearing this one come Easter. 🙂

Where My Peeps Fingers

Peep This

Peep This 1

Here’s a festive pick from a favourite new-to-me polish maker, KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At. That I titled a different Peeps-centric post that exact same thing not too long ago is only moderately embarrassing – I regrettably didn’t know this polish existed at the time, and really, how many Peeps jokes are there in this world? (Edit: As it turns out, there are A LOT of Peeps jokes in this world, as evidenced by the Washington Post’s annual Peeps Diorama Contest in which participants arrange the little marshmallow treats into elaborate mini productions depicting famous scenes from movies, history and current events – and what’s funnier than Peeps re-enacting key scenes from, say, Reservoir Dogs or the charmingly named Peepton Abbey?)

But getting back to the issue at hand (and nails), this is a fantastic polish, a fun, Eastery crelly (ugh, there’s that word again) whose rainbow circle glitter reminds me of jellybeans, although, as always, I do not recommend eating said polish. 😉 Peep This 2