Vanilla Coke-Glazed Ham

Vanilla Coke Hand

That sounds so delightfully nutty; I can hardly believe it’s a real thing (along with other 1950s-style “miracle foods” such as mayonnaise chocolate cake and aspic anything.) For the Vanilla Coke logo on my two middle fingers, I used a couple of wonderfully fitting polishes from last year’s Coca-Cola Collection by OPI, classic Coca-Cola Red and cream-coloured You’re so Vain-illa, while my remaining fingers sport three coats of Vain-illa topped with one coat of my favourite homemade glitter polish, Hawaiian Ham.

That the Ham, my first attempt at making homemade polish, turned out so well has come as a completely delightful surprise. I wasn’t expecting the glitter mix to blend so nicely, I wasn’t *really* expecting the suspension base to actually suspend anything and I certainly never thought that nearly two years to the date of its creation, it would still be performing beautifully (no glitter curling, no colour bleed.) And that’s saying nothing of the wordplay possibilities that exist when you’re dealing with a polish with “ham” in its name! I actually wanted to paint a bone-in ham on my thumb, but then held back at the very last second – that seemed like an excessive amount of nail art theming for one hand. 😉

Vanilla Coke Ham Bottle