You’ve Gotta Be Squidding Me

Squidding Collage

Here’s a polish I haven’t given much of a workout, Different Dimension’s You’ve Gotta Be Squidding Me.  I have no idea how it came by that name – the only squid I can think of right now, besides the giant dead one I saw moldering behind glass at the Boston Aquarium when I was eight, are those little white ones that flash bright red when they mate en masse, a display of such supreme underwater acrobatics, most of the little buggers fall dead from exhaustion immediately afterward, carpeting the sea floor with their limp carcasses.  Then seals eat them.  ANYHOW, I’m *fairly* certain Different Dimension didn’t have an out of control sex-squid key party in mind when they named this polish.  Here’s hoping!

You’ve Gotta Be Squidding Me is such a pretty polish, but it’s also quite tricky.  The jelly formulation is lovely and this polish applies beautifully, but a couple of hours after drying, it does that thing that nearly all jelly polishes do and begins to pull back at the edges of my nails.  Visible nail lines can also be an issue, particularly in the sun (I used four coats for this manicure before deciding to call it, nail lines and all.)

Squidding Sun Collage

The lush coral hue of Squidding Me is gorgeous, though, and this purple flakie-stuffed polish is a fantastic colour chameleon, flashing between a kind of candied pinky-orange, a darker, purple-tinged coral and neon pink.  Gorgeous; a perfect summer polish.  And not at all evocative of perverted cephalopods boning themselves to death, no siree.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C HandYou’ll run zero chance of contracting scurvy sporting this citrusy mani. Just in case that was a worry.

The glitter topper is Candy Lacquer’s Citrus Smoothie, a clear base loaded with green, yellow, orange, white and cherry pink matte glitters. Here I’ve paired it with Different Dimension’s hot pink You’ve Gotta Be Squidding Me for a super fresh and juicy, right-on-the-cusp-of-summer manicure.Vitamin C Collage

We’ll Be Counting Stars

Counting Stars 1Hey look, more stuff on my nails! Although it must be said that since my initial, rather firm line in the sand regarding nail charms, decals, studs and the like (nuh uh, no way, not on your life) I have softened considerably on the subject of nail adornment. As Martha Stewart would say, that’s a good thing, because I now have a not unsizeable collection of nail charms, decals AND studs just begging to be used in a fun, “let’s try something new” kind of manicure.

Here I’ve shown a handful of neon star studs from Daily Charme over Different Dimension’s perfect Hawaiian Punch-y coral, You’ve Gotta Be Squidding Me (this doesn’t need saying for any readers who are also nail artists and makeup mavens, but 8/10ths of the fun in purchasing a new polish is seeing what wackadoo, punny names the makers come up with to differentiate it from the other 50 coral pink polishes on the shelf. This is really one of the better ones!)

I went with a completely random design when it came to the placement of the stars, mainly because the first star I placed, the little blue one at the top of my index finger, just fell off the end of the toothpick I had precariously picked it up with and that’s where it landed. Which was, of course, not where I had intended to place it (I actually had a much more structured design in mind.) But the random sprinkling of stars actually worked out quite well, and so they stayed. But to that end, I think one of those wax pencils people use to pick up tiny rhinestones and other oversized bits of glitter would be quite beneficial here, as the lick-the-end-of-a-toothpick-and-hope-for-the-best technique didn’t quite work and certain disaster strikes every time I get even remotely close to my nails with a pair of tweezers. Still, this is such a pretty, festive, almost celebratory kind of look. I keep thinking of a bouncy castle.Counting Stars 2

Which might have something to do with You’ve Gotta Be Squidding Me, a neon pink jelly polish loaded with tiny, shimmery purple glass flecks, which is one of those delightfully squishy, somewhat rubbery-looking nail polish animals that makes you think your manicure looks like a bouncy castle! This is my first Different Dimension polish, and I’m quite enchanted already. A lush, vibrantly-hued, deceptively simple polish loaded with subtle visual interest – what’s not to like?Squidding Me Collage Watermarked