It’s a Fiesta at Coronado Springs!

Coronado Collage

We just returned home from an awesome long weekend trip to Disney World, during which we stayed on property at the Coronado Springs Resort – quite fitting, given that it was hotter in Orlando, Florida last weekend than I think it ever was in the actual Mayan Riviera!  Floridian friends, I know you have acclimated to a lifetime of heat, sun and humidity in the same way that I have acclimated to a lifetime of cold, snow and freezing rain, but I DO NOT know how you do it.  Mr. Finger Candy and I just wilted like a couple of pansies – and by that I really do mean the flowers; a near constant intake of water is all that kept us upright!

Coronado Springs’ reputation has – unfairly, I’d say – been somewhat tarnished on account of the great deal of construction being undertaken on the property at the moment.  There’s a large, multi-unit tower being built on the west side of the property, as well as a vast amount of landscaping work.  Given that razed flower beds and 15 stories’ worth of exposed rebar are the very first sights that greet you upon arriving at the resort, I can understand some of the dissatisfaction with the state of the place.

Coronado Springs 22

But with the construction mostly confined to the front-most edge of the property, and only during reasonable daylight hours (during which we were never there), I didn’t find the ongoing renovations to the resort to be that obtrusive.  Besides, you don’t stay in the lobby of a hotel, a fun little accommodations fallacy Disney has disproved time and time again – it’s the rare hotelier that has rooms just as nicely appointed as its lobby.  Though if you were looking to bunk down in a public lobby, you could do worse than Coronado Springs’.  Please note the not-so hidden Mickey projected on the back wall of the reception area. 🙂

Lobby Collage

The property itself was gorgeous, laid out very much like another favourite moderate resort, the Port Orleans Riverside, and also like the Riverside, it was very, very quiet.  On our walk to the main Dig Site pool one evening, we had a mile-long stretch of meandering, lantern-lit path all to ourselves, with not another soul in sight.

Coronado Springs 23

Coronado Springs 13

Of course, that’s because everybody else was at the Dig Site, an incredible resort pool (one of the best ones across the entirety of the Walt Disney World Resort) that we visited one evening.  The big Mayan pyramid is the Dig Site’s main showpiece, but there’s also a sweet little waterslide off to one side, a spa, a playground, lots of lounge chairs, Siesta’s, one of three on-property pool bars, and, present company excluded, many, many hard bodies.  I guess if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

Pool Collage

Not one of those hard bodies. 😉  Or sorry, did you say HOT bodies?  Because he definitely was one of those!  Did you know the tops of your kneecaps can sweat?  Well, now you do!  However, in Florida’s defence, Mr. Finger Candy is sitting by the pool in a long-sleeved sun shirt, cotton work shirt, full pants and leather high top sneakers, and I spent three days bombing around in all black, so really, who are the dummies now?!

Coronado Springs 28

Of our actual room, I completely spaced and took virtually no photos – a true shame, as we were given one of the newly refurbished rooms, and it was lovely – spic and span, up to date and very, very comfy, a wonderful place to call home for three nights.  Show of hands if you also like sprawling out in front of Resort TV at the end of a long park day!

Room Collage

I did, however, take the time to film a quick room tour for our YouTube channel when we first arrived, and you can find that video below.

For all the talk of the disruption the construction has caused, I found it to be just that – all talk.  I suppose if your Disney experience is hanging out at your resort all day long, you would find Coronado Springs justifiably lacking – not sure how happy I’d be having my relaxing pool day scored by a symphony of jittering jackhammers and reversing backhoes.  But if you’re park-bound for most, if not all, of the day, then Coronado Springs – particularly with its slightly discounted, “Pardon our pixie dust” prices – is just the resort you’re looking for.  And not for nothing, but all of the usuals are present and accounted for here – a great restaurant in the Maya Grill, a fulsome food court, a cute gift shop in Panchito’s, and a great breakfast joint in Rix, the sports bar-turned-restaurant where we enjoyed an amazing end-of-vacation feast of Huevos Divorciados (that’s Spanish for heaps of Mexican breakfast yumminess on a bed of cheese quesadillas.)

Restaurants Collage

Coronado Springs is also home to a rather splishy convention center.  We whiled away an hour or so there as we waited for the Magic Express to not-so-magically return us to the Orlando International Airport and 10 solid hours of travel.  Holy cats, what a gorgeous facility!  The carpet was utterly mesmerizing, as was the fact that that salon I’m dancing in?  Is Salon L.  Which suggests there are Salons A through K, which are presumably just as large and grand as L.  And there are more salons beyond L!  The place goes on FOREVER.  I couldn’t stop contemplating the incredible (and incredibly large) wedding you could throw in one of those ballrooms.  And then I danced around a bit more. 😉

Convention Collage

The only nit I have to pick about our stay at Coronado Springs – indeed, it was THE nit to pick with regards to virtually all of our Disney interactions – was that during check-in we were really held at the mercy of some seriously misbehaving tech.  It’s no fun feeling like you’re missing out on the fun because you’ve been stuck in a line-up merely trying to reach the fun for 40 straight minutes.  Regrettably, this bad tech juju followed us straight to the parks, where our annual passes were failing to register (did I mention we became annual passholders?!), as were our PhotoPass privileges.  To paraphrase my new friend Peter Pan, I’m not that good at math, but even I know there’s nothing that screams vacation fun quite like account management and administration. 😉

Coronado Springs 7

All in all, though, we loved staying at Coronado Springs, and I think we’d go back regardless of whether the construction had ceased or not – given how we vacation, it barely impacted our stay at all, and our experience was a great one overall.  Happiness is an awesome stay at a Disney resort.  Looking forward to our next one.

Coronado Springs 8

8 thoughts on “It’s a Fiesta at Coronado Springs!

  1. Congrats on becoming annual pass holders! A lot of FL resident friends of mine are pass holders and take their kids and families often on an afternoon spur-of-the-moment trip to have dinner or just ride >insert< Mountain. Adam and I are thinking of getting Universal passes next year for when we move to Orlando. It makes sense, we will be right there and able to go pretty much anytime. Right now we are about 30-40 minutes away. The heat and humidity is pretty tropical. But I am definitely used to it. I am wearing jeans and a cardigan as I type. I guess once born in the soup, used to the soup? Adam is form Ohio so he had a little adjustment. Glad you guys had fun and didn't let the construction bother you. Disney is just trying to make things better so I don't really understand when folks get up in arms when they see that. Try driving on I-4 if construction bothers you LOL!

    • Thanks, Julie! We’re super proud to have been able to become passholders. And crazily enough, for what we have planned for the next 365 days, it made the most financial sense – you know how beastly those ticket prices can get. Universal passes are a great idea – I think they’re quite a bit more reasonable than Disney passes, and you still get all the great rides, the Harry Potter stuff (one day!) and then all the restaurants at City Walk.

      Oh holy cats, I could not believe the heat and humidity over the Labour Day long weekend. Well, I mean, I *could* believe it because I was right there experiencing it, but oh my, how swampy! Was Adam’s adjustment monumental? Because I feel like I’d never come around to that level of humidity. When Will came home and announced that we were going to Disney over the long weekend (I love how dramatic he makes it!) I thought – and said out loud! – “You have no idea how bad the heat is going to be. I have no idea how bad the heat is going to be, and I’ve been there in (July) before!” He was so cute, he thought it was just going to be HOT. Well, he knows now! We BOTH know now!

      The construction didn’t bother us at all. But then again, we also weren’t out on, as you mentioned, I-4 or trying to drive around all the Disney-based construction on the roads – wow, is the place ever torn up. It’s got to be aggravating for the locals, but also, are they not used to this by now? The joke here in Ottawa is that we have two seasons, winter and construction, so I feel the grumpiness, even if it’s getting stuff done.

    • Yeah, Coronado is a great place. We actually somewhat recently got back from a trip at the beginning of November, and we were supposed to be at Pop Century for the whole week and a half. But Pop was a big ol’ bust, and with four days left to go, we moved over to Coronado – ahh, such a peaceful, calm respite. With – yes! – great food. I had heard some not so great things about Maya Grill, but we ate there one evening and it was super. The sports bar/breakfast joint, Rix, was also good on our first visit.

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