Disco Ball (My 200th Post!)

Disco Ball (My 200th Post!)

The crack team here at Finger Candy Central is celebrating a major blogging milestone today in the form of its 200th post (the crack team consisting of one husband so high on secondhand acetone fumes, he’d give a thumbs up to a manicure in which I simply sneezed on my nails, two cats more interested in sleeping face-down on the sofa than anything, and me, of course!)

So to celebrate our (my) achievement, I did this festive manicure, hand-placing those little holographic squares of purple glitter on my ring and index fingers and going just about batty in the painstaking process. But fussiness aside, it’s a super cool technique that leads to disco ball nails, and that’s never a bad thing, especially when you’ve got something worth breaking out your boogie shoes over!

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