Disney Girl Challenge: Jessie

Disney Girl Challenge: Jessie

Oh, I have such issues – crying, sobbing issues – with the Toy Story movies. Nearly all Pixar movies, actually, and the vast majority of Disney’s animated offerings, too (please, for the love of all that’s holy, STOP KILLING OFF THE PARENTS!) But there’s just something about the Toy Story series that utterly destroys me, whether it’s Woody worrying that Andy’s outgrown him or Jessie winding up at a junk sale (her song reduces me to a puddle of soggy tears, every. single. time) or the toys holding hands in a furnace. I haven’t even seen the third movie and the thought alone is enough to set me sobbing. So I won’t see it, and you can’t make me! I have it on very good, trusted authority – comments Kevin Smith has made, a joke from The Big Bang Theory, an article my mom read about movies that make men weep – that I will be a useless, waterlogged pile of depression after watching the third Toy Story movie, and so I shall abstain. I’ve got no problem with that whatsoever.

But I still do love the Toy Story movies, and Jessie in particular (although Hamm is the best, then, now, always.) She’s smart and sassy, brave and self-reliant, AND she possesses one of the most unique wardrobes of any Disney girl (you think you’d ever see Cinderella in a pair of cowhide chaps? I think not.) Her personal style calls out for a bit of inspired-by nail art, and THAT I can certainly oblige with these Jessiefied nails. So yee haw, and giddy-up!

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