Peel ‘n Stick 4th

Stars & StripesI was visiting a friend and her new babies this afternoon, and when I commented that these nails were not freehanded, but were in fact nail art strips, her son let out a tremendous squak, I suppose in protest of my sheer laziness (hmph, judgemental baby.) 😉 But if I *could* argue the finer points of nail adornment with him (it’s hard to argue with someone in a onesie), I’d deny that it’s laziness that motivated these super fun July 4th nails, because come on, look at them! They’re totally awesome! Here I’ve shown a set of nail polish strips I purchased late last summer and have been hoarding ever since in anticipation of exactly this date, Incoco’s Stars & Stripes. I’ve come out swinging in favour of Incoco’s products in the past, because they’re just great, and these appliques proved to be no exception. And because my nails are on the shorter side, as are my friend’s, and these nail strips are double-ended, I was able to get two full manicures out of one set, so we could both proudly rock patriotic paws (okay, so we’re Canadian, but we both have American relatives, so it’s chill.)Stars & Stripes

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