Sad Sack Sparkles

Sad Sack Sparkles

I’m in the midst of having a no good, very bad, feeling-infinitely-sorry-for-myself working vacation (well, isn’t that a delightfully stupid oxymoron!) as I attempt to fix up a recently deceased relative’s house in preparation for putting it on the market. I’m thousands of miles from home, feeling quite run down and desperately homesick, and to make matters the worstest, my blogging and nail art activities have taken a real hit. In fact, at the moment I am sporting a “manicure” consisting of three different shades of white trim paint and something that might be a dried on blob of ketchup from last night’s dinner? It’s just sad all around.

So I thought I’d pull myself out of my doldrums with a super sparkly mani featuring a favourite polish, Candy Lacquer’s Fairyland glitter topper, a polish I always describe as Lucky Charms in a bottle. Right about now I feel like I could benefit from a major dose of luck and sparkling good cheer, even if it’s confined solely to my nails.

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