Fall Fun Series: An Apple a Day


Pretty sure that old saying applies to the fruit, not delicious-smelling, but completely non-edible, scented wax. But I have an absolute bounty of the latter, and seeing as apples are the theme of today’s installment of the Fall Fun Series (actually yesterday’s), I thought I’d melt through a few of my apple scents.  I’m now completely apple’d out; I can’t take any more!  Because while I really love apple baked goods – my mom’s fluffy, flaky, buttery pie is life – it turns out I’m not so fond of artificial apple scents.  They all tend to be very, very strong and need to be handled in small doses, particularly if you’re prone to environmentally-induced headaches, like moi.

Therein lies one of the not-a-problem problems for people with a love of home fragrance, particularly those that lie within the “you could eat this” category – do you actually think that, say, toffee apple ice cream will smell great, or do you just want to eat it?  The answer often lies somewhere in the middle, but occasionally there’s a bit of a disconnect, and that’s what I seem to be experiencing with my apple scents this Fall.

But if I practice moderation with my apples and mix them with other, softer scents to round off the harsh, sometimes even acidic edges, we’re sound as a pound!  So what sort of yummy apple scents have been perfuming my home this week?


These scrumptious chunks are from Rosegirls, in Crazy Pants Fluff Puffs, left, and Toffee Apple Ice Cream, right.  Crazy Pants Fluff Puffs (that name, right?) is a blend of green apple, strawberry jam and Rosegirls’ Fluff Puffs scent blend, which itself is a blend of their Monster Cookie and Marshmallow Smoothie scents (sometimes I feel like a crazy fragrance Venn diagram would be quite useful in these situations!)  CPFP is wicked strong, a thick, warm bakery freshened up with bright green apples and strawberries.

Toffee Apple Ice Cream, with its less enigmatic – but infinitely more descriptive – name, is just that – caramel apples bobbing in a sea of melted vanilla ice cream.  I found this particular apple scent to be a little too cloying for my taste, particularly when paired with the vanilla ice cream note, which I either tolerate or loathe depending on the vendor. Rosegirls’ is better than most, but I find it just far too one-note when paired with the sweet toffee apples.  But my loss is someone else’s fruitful gain; I’ll find ‘er a good home.

I melted a lot of other apple scents this week – Rosegirls’ Apple Eclipse (very nice; a mild, “adult” apple, sweetly spiked with vanilla and bourbon), Apple Colada (banana?) and Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie (Apple Jack and Peel is hard at work in this one) and Simple Gals’ Enchanted Apple (a perfumey sort of apple scent that I think may be a dupe of Lush’s So White) – but their pictures all turned out quite terribly.  I think that’s because, with the exception of the Apple Eclipse, I didn’t really care for any of these scents too much.  My camera just KNEW!  But again, apple biased.


Unless, of course, I have the ultimate say in just how that apple note is deployed, which is why I like Rosegirls’ Mini Melters so much – just a touch of RG’s Macintosh Swizzle Sticks, a lightly candied apple scent, nestled among other creamy, fruity scents brings out the best in the often powerfully-scented pomme.

For these two favourite blending experiments, I mixed Macintosh Swizzle Sticks with, left, Mango Sorbet and Marshmallow Smoothie, to create a delectable version of Disney’s LeFou’s Brew, an apple-and-mango juice slushie topped with marshmallow fluff (so it looks like a big, sudsy flagon of ale, see) and, right, Pie Crust and Dunk My Donut, a cinnamon-dusted cake donut scent, for a delightful, gas station apple pie kind of scent.  I love these two blends very much, but that’s no surprise, because I made them!

Now off to stick my face directly over a steaming pot of coffee – that should right the ol’ sniffer in no time!

7 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: An Apple a Day

    • So many of us do! That was what I took away from everybody’s posts – apple scents are best in small doses, or mixed up with other things to round off the harsh edges.

      I’m melting a mostly mango blend right now, and it’s SO strong and delicious. I don’t know if that’s because it just is, or because I’m so fraking tired of apple scents already!

  1. Yeah, I totally get ya. While I enjoy RG Mac Apple Swizzle Sticks in small doses and their Apple Puff Pastry, unless it is coated in tons of spice, I am just not enthralled. Apple Colada was a definite miss for me and the Snow White’s Honeycrisp Apple version they used to have.

    I do love quite a few other apple scents form various vendors. Carol at CFTKR has great apples.

    What is this Disney drink of which you speak? Is it something you can only get in certain parks or any Disney location?? You know. I bet I have been to a Disney park of some type about 25 times in my life (we used to go on field trips there with every school I ever attended) and I still have never tried a Dole Whip. So I will do that THEN I will see out this apple mango marshmallow delight. Sorry you are all pomme’d out.

    • Hoo, Apple Colada…no bueno. I *think* the tropical note in that one might be Bird of Paradise, which has a distinct banana tinge to it. It was kind of odd. And I’m not generally a fan of ANY of Lush’s scents, although lord knows I’ve tried (the Comforter is about as close as I come to having a favourite, which is funny, because I think it’s not a favourite of yours, right?)

      Oh, Disney and their proprietary food and beverage shenanigans. I have not been in an eternity, but I keep abreast of park news – that’s how I know you can find a Le Fou’s Brew (hopefully still) at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland, the Magic Kingdom. 🙂

      Or you can try the “recipe” I tried out for a homemade Brew and documented in a new FFS post! Or not, because it was really kind of bad!

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