Do You Suppose This is His Way of Telling Me I Smell?

Demeter Birthday Pic

Simply curious, as my husband gifted me with a metric butt ton (actual measurement, “butt ton”) of delicious Demeter fragrances for my birthday, and you just don’t do that unless a) someone really stinks (“This smells so great!  Wear all of it at once, immediately”) or b) you know your spouse really well, as mine did when he correctly surmised that I’d love to receive such a bounty of beautiful birthday blends (also an affection for alliteration.) 😉

So what terrifically odd combination of fragrances did my husband put together for his beloved on her 40th? Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Starting with the header photo, this apparently represents my birthday breakfast, a thing I actually didn’t have because I was fasting in anticipation of a blow-out Italian dinner later that evening.  But the thinking here is that I’d wake up and snarf down a plate of birthday cake-flavoured cinnamon toast topped with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. With a tomato on the side (which I wholly approve of; all that sugar needs a bit of tart and fresh to balance it out.)

Speaking from a dietary perspective, that’s kind of horrifying!  But these fragrances are not – lovely single scents, all.  I particularly like Cinnamon Toast, which smells like cinnamon hearts, and, super surprisingly, Tomato, which on initial application smells exactly like a ripe, sun-warmed tomato.  It’s a unique smell that conjures up nice memories of my grandfather futzing over his heavily laden tomato plants out in the garden.

Demeter Zombie Collage

Next up we have the zombie fragrances, which, upon spritzing and sniffing, we decided I will never, ever wear because they smell like dirt and rot and probably skunk pheromones.  I love the theming behind these Zombie for Him, Her and Dog fragrances (what, the cats just fend for themselves?) but wowza, do they stink.  I suspect that Demeter’s Dirt fragrance, an otherwise pretty acceptable fresh earth kind of scent, is the base for all three of these colognes, with hits of dead flowers (for Her), decaying leaves (for Him) and something that’s erring awfully close to urine (for the Dog.)  I adore them, they are so weird, but these will probably remain collectibles only.  Also, you will pry my Snowmint Mallow from my cold, dead, zombiefied hands before I trade it in for something more apocalypse-appropriate.

Demeter Kitten Fur Pic

Leaving the best for last, we have my cat Weegie looking disillusioned (so basically a day ending in Y) beside a bottle of Kitten Fur!  Which smells a bit like very mild laundry detergent.  I don’t think Weegie’s tummy fur smells like soap (you get the best, most accurate results – also probably hissed and swatted at – by sniffing a cat’s tummy) but I suppose if any creature in this house is going to smell like laundry, it’s going to be the one that spends 22 hours a day lounging around on freshly washed linens.

All in all, a lovely, thoughtful gift full of fun surprises and some very unique finds.  Well done, sweetie. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Do You Suppose This is His Way of Telling Me I Smell?

  1. How cool!!! Demeter is a fun fragrance house. These are great for layering too! All your yummy sweet bakery scents would jive really well together. I bought my friend a Play-Doh scented Demeter and she loves it. I think they even have tennis ball can and some other crazy scents. Pizza? But the zombie funk…. hooooo boy! You are one brave lady. Did you spray it on your skin?? Kitten Fur is brand new I think. I remember reading about it when it came out. I love that he got it for you. If you enjoy your Demeters you might like some of the offerings from CB I Hate Perfume. ❤ Happy birthday haul!

    • Some of their scents are seriously so wacky! I have a Mr. Bubble fragrance that I received as a gift and have socked away, because the scent actually tickles my nose and makes me sneeze, just like Mr. Bubble does – it’s that accurate a match! I was just saying to Jessica that I’ve always loved their Angel Food Cake – it’s sweet and buttery without being butter-oid; very close to Vanilla Butter Fudge.

      And I did not spray the zombie musk on my skin; in the bottle alone was kind of intense. I should, though – it could be one of those hidden gems that morphs into cupcakes and rainbows, but I kind of doubt it!

  2. I’ve always been very intrigued by Demeter’s crazy fragrances! Looks like you got many, many good ones while some also rather strange too haha. Very nice and fun to read!! Enjoy!

    • There are so ding dang many, you could go to town on singles and blend up a storm. Angel Food Cake is one of my long-time favourites – I probably bought my first bottle 15 years ago! They sell them in build-your-own packs, too, so you can make up a little trio that suits your tastes. I really love their stuff, no BS.

  3. What a wonderful set of gifts! Unique as could be. I might point out that it couldn’t be your husband’s way of saying you smell bad… At the most, he’s saying you smell too good, with the zombie trio!!!

  4. Love when the fellas strike out on their own with gift giving, its brave of them. I assume these were a surprise? The quantity had to be, it’s an amazingly generous gift. You’re covered for the next 40 yrs at least.
    Zombie fragrance, I’d liked to have sat in on that pitch concept meeting. “…and Zombie Dog will have an accord of fresh roadkill with a dry down of skunk pheromones!” 😂😂😂
    Some of these may be the stuff of nightmares, even a couple of the breakfasty ones to me, but I think the Mr. got really excited about your ability for creative mixology. I could be wrong but he may think you are a mad scientist, a la` Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. Enjoy these bad boys.

    • A complete surprise – I love that he went mixy-matchy (and zombie-womby, apparently.) Holy crow, though, you’re right, I’m now up to my butt with fragrance (that sounds so wrong somehow.) And yet, something else will undoubtedly catch my eye.

  5. Super fun and thoughtful gift! I LOL’d at the post title. 🙂 I would love to have these fragrances, and although the zombie ones are super cool looking, I think it would personally bug me having fragrances I could wear unless I had a specific zombie themed collection going on. PS: Weegie is sooo adorable! I’d risk a swat and a hiss to pet that belly.

    • Thank you for the Weegie compliment – she thinks quite highly of herself, so that will suit her nicely. 🙂

      It’s a little weird having perfumes I know I’m never going to wear, but it turns out he also gave them to me knowing that I wasn’t going to wear them, so at least we’re on the same page there!

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