Nightmare in My Diningroom

Nightmare Collage

With Halloween – and my 13th wedding anniversary! – fast approaching, I thought it was time to show you the anniversary present my husband and I gave to ourselves, from ourselves.  And as it turns out, ourselves has great taste in anniversary gifts!

Halloween 4

This is a fully functioning Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock we purchased from The Bradford Exchange, an online collectibles dealer based out of Canada.  Bradford have a number of fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles, including a Christmas Town clock that has me seriously contemplating the utility of two chiming cuckoo clocks in an 850-square-foot space, but it’s this Halloween Town beauty that really captured my heart.  I love the dusky, heathered jewel tones of the clock (the grapey purples, the rusty oranges, the blackened turquoises) and despite my mother’s polite protestations (“Are you really sure you want this hanging in the diningroom where everyone who goes anywhere in your house can see it?”) I did indeed want it hanging in the diningroom where everyone who goes anywhere in my house can see it, because I love it!  Love the way Zero pops out of the little door at the top, love the vaguely rusty snippet of “This is Halloween” that cranks out at the top of every hour, love Boogie’s crew hanging off the acorns at the bottom.  It’s the perfect anniversary gift for our lucky 13th.


Plus it also looks pretty darn fabulous with our Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe, a delightful wedding gift from friends that lives year-round on our sideboard, which you can see from this photo is totally crooked.  The sideboard, that is.  Or maybe the floor, or the chair rail molding, or, most likely, some horrid combination of all three.  It’s a Nightmare Before Leveling!

Halloween 1

The ceramic Jack-o-Lantern bags and spooky candelabras are strictly seasonal, although you can be forgiven for thinking otherwise, particularly when we’ve got paintings like these hanging on one wall year-round.  Mr. Finger Candy gave me these little wooden plaques one year as a birthday gift – they were painted by artist Kristin Tercek, although I think there’s a good deal of Burtonian inspiration at work here.  You can also add these paintings to the list of things my mom hates about our diningroom!  Oh man, she really hates them (said with a good natured, yet malevolent, sort of glee.)  I, of course, think they’re adorably messed up – my favourite is melancholy sushi girl.  I love her ebi bonnet.

Halloween 5

That also pretty well encompasses the totality of my Halloween decorating for this year, if you can call decorating just leaving out the things you already have (or have recently procured.)  I typically set up MY Halloween Town – once again, in the diningroom – but I had to put it in temporary storage that is not quite so accessible at the moment.  So in lieu of dealing with that insanity, I thought I’d go small and simple this year.

But I’ll always, always show off this manicure, because it remains one of the best ones I’ve ever done.  Everything works in this design; I’ve never done an update because there is nothing to update – it was perfect the first time around. 🙂

Nightmare Great Hand

7 thoughts on “Nightmare in My Diningroom

  1. Wow! That Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock is amazing – so detailed! Of course you want to showcase it fully!
    Happy 13th anniversary to you and your husband!
    And yes, that mani is perfection. 😀

  2. Oh what a fun setup! I love that no matter what anyone says, y’all both go on ahead and continue to decorate the house exactly how you two like in how you both see fit. Which is exactly how it should be!
    What makes it even more fun is it have a theme like you have to collect so bonus!

  3. Happy lucky 13th Finger Candies!
    That clock is so great, have we had a convo about it because I have a screenshot of it saved on my phone from years ago? I must have seen it from the Bradford exchange or someplace similar-IT’S FREAKING PERFECT, it makes me happy, it produces tears, etc. Only having it up this time of year makes it all the more special.

    Having said that, the artwork your husband gifted? That’s a whole nother level of art, it’s such whimsy-crazy, I can’t even handle it. My fave is the solitary punkinhead in the suit, but they all create the most…curious vignette. I’m envious, not even for the specific pieces, but because I don’t have anything remotely as special hanging, anywhere. And I’ve commented w/o even bringing up the nail art, so there.

    • Aren’t they fabulous? I’m so glad you like them – NOBODY likes them! My mom especially hates them (she just doesn’t care for this kind of goth-leaning whimsy.) They’re weird little things and I just adore them.

      I think the clock’s been around for a while now, so it’s entirely possible you’ve seen it before. I think the Bradford Exchange has been doing their thing for a while (they certainly send me enough catalogs now to suggest they’re HUSTLIN’.) I love it so much, although like all cuckoo clocks, requires constant maintenance and fresh batteries. It’s pretty special, though – so glad we got it.

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