100th Post How-To

100th Post How-To

Happy 100th blog post, me! I is proud of my commitment to (nearly) daily blogging. Top shelf, it be. But given those last three sentences, I may need to spend a little less time on my nails and a whole lot more on my English language skills (I kid, I kid; I know I talk good.) 😉

In honour of my 100th post, I thought I’d share a manicure that combines everything I love about nail art – a fun (and simple) new technique, glossy polishes in fruity, juicy colours and funky matte glitter toppers. It’s the little things, you know?

To do these one-colour, no sponge gradient nails, I started with a sheer jelly polish, Nfu Oh’s JS24, and brushed one light coat onto my nails. After a moment or two of dry time, I brushed a second coat on starting just a smidge down from my cuticles. After yet more dry time, I brushed on a third coat of polish, starting just a bit down from the second bit. Finally, I brushed a fourth coat just onto the tips of my nails. What you’re doing here is creating a gradient using the polish’s natural “buildability,” starting at your cuticles with the sheerest bit and working up to full coverage at your nail tips.

But like all good things, there’s a bit of a catch. Unless you have a super steady hand and can control the flow of polish off your brush (which would make you Queen of All Things Nail Polish, I wager), a gradient done in this fashion won’t be as seamless as one done with a sponge. Indeed, if you compare my thumb and ring finger in the photo above, you’ll be able to see the difference between going slowly and carefully and…not!

But all’s not lost, and that’s where your matte glitter topper comes in. Simply swipe on the topper of your choice (here I went with Sephora’s Formula X in Chaotic) and watch as your nail art sins simply disappear. Then stand back, admire your claws and pat yourself on the back, because your nails look dope and you’re the (wo)man!

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