Blue So Pretty

Across the Universe Bottle

I’m fairly certain I’ve posted a “I command you to look at its pretty holographic prettiness!” post on this nail polish before, Enchanted Polish’s Across the Universe, but an abundance of life-sustaining and picture-enhancing sun on my balcony at this time of night has dictated a second show and tell.

For all that people go on about Enchanted Polish’s wares, you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that they’re actually made from unicorn tears harvested by moonlight on the second solstice of every third leap year by Snow White herself – and that’s despite the fact that their polishes are neither easy to obtain, nor inexpensive.  But they’re ever so gorgeous and their labelling is so pretty and it’s all rainbow holo colour-shifting goodness, and how could you not be a fan?  Here I’ve shown Across the Universe, a denim blue holographic stunner that throws rainbows with the best of them, at a multitude of colour-shifting angles, like this plummy purple one:Across the Universe Purple

And this head-on, ultra vibrant blue one:Across the Universe Sun

And finally, my favourite, in the shade, showing off all its subtle periwinkle shimmer:Across the Universe Shade

8 thoughts on “Blue So Pretty

    • I saw it – I love those raspberry-coloured polishes, and that one is so pretty. I coveted another Enchanted pink called Shrimp Cocktail that they unfortunately no longer make. There’s so many blues – viva la pink!

      • Oh man, I wish I had Shrimp Cocktail! So gorgeous. Hopefully she’ll release some pretty pinks this summer!

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