Another Go at the Flaming Moe (OMD3)

Flaming Moe's Collage

No, you’re not imagining things – this really is the second time I’ve done this exact design in as many days.

Perfectionist types, no matter the creative medium they dabble in, may be familiar with that nagging feeling to DO BETTER that accompanies perceived mis-steps, like crappy nail art that you really wish you hadn’t published to your blog before embarking on a serious do-over. Because the first Simpsons manicure that I did just two days ago has been DRIVING ME BANANAS, and I’ve been plotting its re-boot ever since I hit the “Publish” button. So when a bit of poor weather-related downtime presented itself this weekend, I decided to do precisely that, and I’m so much happier with the results! Behold, Flaming Moe’s 2.0!

So what was driving me so first world nail polish bonkers about my first attempt? For starters, and probably most vexing of all, I painted the first version quite late at night and took my photos in my insufficiently lit bathroom. Every other manicure I’ve done for the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge – indeed, every manicure I’ve done for months, period – has had its photos taken outdoors, which when it comes to nail art photography at least is very nearly always preferable to an artificial light source. Painting my nails in the dim evening light also presented its own set of problems, namely that I didn’t notice any until it was far too late to do anything about them, because I couldn’t clearly see my own work. And to that end, I found the gradient I attempted (which was supposed to look like a multi-layered Flaming Moe) muddy, washed out and ill defined.

I also didn’t care for the way I went about the lettering in “Flaming Moe’s” the first time around. For Moe’s V. 1.0, I painted on the yellow lettering and then outlined each letter in orange, which went about as well as you can imagine. Things got quite messy and I basically wound up painting over the yellow lettering with the orange and then filling it back in with the yellow. Very counter-intuitive and a big waste of time and materials.

So for Version 2.0, I went with a completely different approach, starting with a lighter, simpler gradient in basic creme polishes and ending with the easier lettering technique I eventually adopted during my first go-round. MUCH better, and proof positive that with nail art – and so, so many other things in life – you really can learn from your mistakes, even if it’s a couple of days later. 🙂

Flaming Moe's Hand

7 thoughts on “Another Go at the Flaming Moe (OMD3)

  1. Wow, the improvements are impressive! You’d think it was a ‘last year’ throwback or something. Your lettering is so much clearer and I like the cleaner ombre. Also I see what you mean about the natural light, it makes it look way better. Unfortunately all of my designs (well maybe 92% of them) are taken in a lampshade in my livingroom meaning my fingers look a weird colour, usually too red, and there are strange shadows cast. (p.s has there been a mix up with the version labeling on the comparison pic? If not I’ve maybe just really embarrassed myself.)

    • Oh my goodness, NO, I totally hadn’t caught that! Ugh, how embarrassing! EXCELLENT eye. 🙂 All fixed up now. And thank you for the compliment, although I’m not sure I’m the one who deserves it now!

    • And I used to take the majority of my photos against my bathroom door, which is sometimes totally necessary given where I live (ie. all winter long when there’s virtually no good natural light to be found around these parts) but I really prefer natural light, even though it also comes with its own problems (so. much. glare.)

    • Well, thank you – I’m glad the second go wasn’t for naught, because it was driving me BONKERS.

      I’m also thinking the mascot for the Flaming Flamingos might be sort of horrifying?

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