They Say Stay in Your Lane, Boy


Breaking news: This post has nothing to do with Disney!  Um, actually, wait a sec… (*consults first three seconds of the YouTube video posted below*)…yeah, sorry, there’s a bit of Disney in there.  It would appear I literally cannot help myself, no apologies.

Also can’t help myself because we’re talking about twenty one pilots here, my favouritest of the favoured bands, and I will take every opportunity afforded to me in this world to tell absolutely everyone about last Halloween when Mr. Finger Candy and I dressed up like Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of TOP, for an after hours party at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Rock star cosplaying – I highly recommend it.  Tigger was a fan!

Tyler Two Pilots 11

The other night we finally got to see twenty one pilots live for the first time on their Bandito tour, and they were INCREDIBLE.  So polished!  So much tech – pyro, air jets, confetti, lasers, drum platforms and multiple, moving stages.  So much shirtless Josh Dun, the drummer with the sweet disposition and the even sweeter abbbbbbbbssssssss.  And so much heart.  It’s obvious how much Tyler and Josh love what they do – it radiates from every aspect of this carefully orchestrated production.  This is the adult in me speaking (let her speak; she doesn’t get out very often!) but there’s nothing more attractive than someone(s) showing care and competence.  Not sure I needed the boost, but I’m smitten with TOP all anew. 🙂

And newfound smittenness needs nails, don’t you think?  So here’s a TOP-friendly mani inspired by the aesthetics of their three major albums, 2013’s blue and red Vessel, 2015’s black, red and white Blurryface and 2018’s camo and yellow Trench.

TOP Collage

Being all smitten-like also required me to put together a video I shot of *some* of the show, which you will find below.  But truthfully, I’ll never make a living as a concert blogger (is there such a thing, and where can I get in on this racket?) because I don’t want to be a documentarian, I just want to be there carpe-ing in the moment, singing along to Holding On To You at the top of my lungs whilst offhandedly contemplating Josh’s arms day routine.  It’s unfortunately not a comparable experience to the full show (GO, GO, SEE THEM, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT) but I hope you enjoy these snippets all the same.

5 thoughts on “They Say Stay in Your Lane, Boy

  1. Looking forward to basking in the glow of this video. Damn I’m stoked for you, I’ve heard amazing things about the experience–no plans to see em live myself anytime soon-ish. But I’ll listen to Trench today while I’m working outside, it’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed their perfectly orchestrated elecropop rock/rap but I need to glean that driving energy today. As for the nails- Rock the Fuck On—-love them:)

    • Oh dude, their show was IN-CREDIBLE. Ugh, just so polished and constantly evolving and super engaging and Tyler can actually sing and Josh’s arms are just as great in real life as they are in their videos, and it was just amazing (*contented sigh.*) I also realized well after the fact that I’m singing along LOUDLY to a great deal of these songs, occasionally off key. Yikes.

  2. Hey! I found another bandito 😉 I love love love your nail designs … I need to try those out! And man I really hope I can make the end of the tour XD
    i’m new to blogging … my site is kinda TØP themed and I would LOVE feedback from any fellow banditos!
    I have some song interpretations, #cliqueart etc. 🙂
    awesome post! and happy memorial day ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    • Hey there yourself. 🙂 Oh my gosh, they were soooo fantastic live; *I* hope you get a chance to see them, too, although I pretty well think everyone should! And I highly recommend TOP cosplaying at Disney World – helps you find all the other fans. 🙂 I’d be happy to check out your blog; wishing you all the success.

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