Snow Leopard

Snow LeopardThe idea for this manicure, a remarkably not-too-much combination of two super unique KB Shimmer polishes, was a total light bulb moment. One second I’m listening to Mr. Finger Candy tell me about his day and the next I’m sitting bolt upright on the sofa shouting, “SNOW LEOPARD!!!” at the top of my lungs, much to the consternation of my cats, my neighbours and my husband’s belief that his wife is not a total nut job. But I had happened to glance over at a little collection of nail polish bottles littering the top of my coffee table and there were both Snow Much Fun, a snowflake glitter-packed, ice blue polish, and Spot Sign, a holo-flecked topper loaded with leopard spot glitter, sitting side by side, just crying out for some silly wordplay-inspired nails.

So I obliged, and here’s the resulting animal, two careful coats of Snow Much Fun topped with a single coat of Spot Sign, a bright and beautiful combination that’s quite unexpectedly smooth given that these nails are spackled in large, oddly shaped glitter (side tip: the key to applying chunky glitter polishes without things turning into a lumpy nightmare is to go slowly, keep your coats thin, daub in areas where that’s all that’s required and be mindful of glitter placement.) Super fun, and you can’t go wrong with a bit of nail art-related wordplay. And I’m sorry for interrupting your story, Mr. Finger Candy, but when nailspiration strikes and all that, you know? 🙂

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