Fall Fun Series: Thanksgiving Ham


Today’s prompt in the Fall Fun Series calls for the participants to share their Thanksgiving plans.  But I have a triple whammy going against my particular Thanksgiving plans in that 1) I’m Canadian, so my Thanksgiving is long since past, 2) I’m Canadian, so my Thanksgivings are more functional than traditional and 3) I’m Canadian, so this morning I woke up to THIS:


Which means that Fall is now naught but a memory, and we are firmly in the winter of our discontent (oh no, run!)

But to my American blogger friends, I wish you a wonderful week in the lead-up to the big day, and Thanksgivings free of family drama, travel woes and salmonella.

Which is actually NEVER an issue when you limit your Thanksgiving meats to your manicures!  And no, I’m not going the Full Gaga on you here – just making a super awkward transition to talking about this polish, Hawaiian Ham, a homemade creation I widgeted together years ago specifically with those unidentifiable Thanksgiving (or Christmas, or Easter) ham casseroles in mind.  You know the casserole I’m talking about – the one your father’s great-great aunt has been making since the late 1950s, an abomination of a Good Housekeeping throwback containing ham, pineapple, maraschino cherries and three kinds of processed cheese?  Still, it’s gotta beat Aunt Bethany’s lime-and-cat food Jello mold!

And so on this Thanksgiving, American friends, this Ham (manicure) is for you.  I hope you have wonderful holidays, all.


14 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Thanksgiving Ham

  1. We don’t even have a Thanksgiving where I live. We do have some other fun stuff, that the rest of the world doesn’t celebrate. Anyhow I am always interested to see what cool nail stuff is going on in blogging world with all the holidays people have in different countries.
    Cool ham nails though! 🙂

    • That’s awesome. 🙂 I personally love American Thanksgiving so much more than the Canadian one – there’s a kind of tradition to it (even if that tradition is just fighting with your family or watching the game) that we don’t have. It’s mostly a lot of eating in Canada (nothing wrong with that!)

      I don’t want specifics, but whereabouts do you live, Kairi? And what’s something you celebrate that maybe the rest of the world doesn’t? I love learning about that kind of stuff, too. 🙂

      • I live in Estonia. We have midsummer’s eve (23rd and 24th of June), it’s always with bbq, bonfire and such. The lightest night of the year, those 2 days are also bank holidays in our calendar. So people tend to stay up whole night. Then instead of Halloween we have a quiet time where we set a candle on the window for spirits and visit the graves of our beloved ones. We do have smth similar to Halloween too but that’s on different date and it also involves quizzes, singing and dancing and isn’t scary. We dress up and go and wish other households luck and such and play quiz games, it’s kind of like trick and treating but not exactly.
        Some of the cool stuff we used to have is starting to get lost, due to american holidays flowing in.

      • That’s so cool, thanks for sharing that with me. 🙂 Quiz trick-or-treating also sounds awesome! Definitely better for your teeth and waistline.

        This is kind of nuts, because I really don’t know that many people, but you are the third person I’ve known in my lifetime who lives in Estonia. It’s not the usual, and yet!

  2. You have managed to turn my biggest meaty nightmare into an adorable manicure. Hamicure? I love it! I do still need to paint my nails tonight, but I doubt I will be THAT creative!

    • YES, Hamicure! That’s perfect! You know, I really pride myself on my puns, and the fact that I haven’t re-used a single title in over 1,300 posts, but I CANNOT believe I didn’t get Hamicure over, like, six or seven manicures using that Ham polish. I am so ASHAMED! Excellent punnage.

  3. You created a pretty awesome polish there. I cannot say that I have ever had a ham casserole and I shall thank my lucky stars that is so. Thank you for the well wishes! I LOVE the snow shot. It looks so calm and peaceful. Please make a token snowball for me. And Winter of Our Discontent was such a heart breaking novel. Loved it though. Have a wonderful weekend coming up! Cheers! And hope you are staying warm.

    • Thanks so much, Julie! I made the Ham about three years ago now, and it’s still hanging in there perfectly well. There’s not enough glitter polish inspired by meat, I tell you.

      And I WILL make a snowball for you – it’s been snowing for two straight days now, so there’s plenty of the stuff to go around. And the snow’s only calm and peaceful if you don’t have to travel in it. Accidents aplenty this week as everybody adjusts to the winter conditions again.

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