I’m coining it – you heard it here first! Nailcissus: The act of gazing in stupefied wonder at your pretty, pretty nails, to the possible detriment of yourself and/or others.

Now let’s use it in a sentence: “I painted my nails with this absolutely gorgeous OPI polish and came down with a wicked case of Nailcissus. It’s really too bad I was in rush hour traffic at the time and nearly rear-ended the car ahead of mine.”

This colour, Get Your Number from the Liquid Sand Mariah Carey collection, is so beautiful. It looks like the bright turquoise water that bubbles up between the cracks in the ice in the artic. And on this point I can actually comment, having visited the way up north part of Canada myself some years ago. I went a few days before Christmas, and it won’t surprise you to learn it was dark and cold, both round the clock.

3 thoughts on “Nailcissus!

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