Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead CollageBecause here at Finger Candy HQ, no opportunity for goofy wordplay shall go unplayed! All the stupid jokes must be mangled, and the plentiful puns will flow like a lazy (writing) river. I command it so! And you have to listen to me, because this is my blog (or you could just leave, but I’d prefer if you didn’t; I like seeing you around.)

To that end, here we have a fun combination of two more polishes from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Head Shrinker, a pale grey and micro holo glitter topper shot through with tiny black skulls, and Tutu Sweet, a bright pink glitter polish from Pam’s recently released Valentine’s collection. It’s a super cute look – very baby girl punk rock – and one I probably would have thought to try out, with or without the opportunity for some awesome punnage (but it’s so much better with!) Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some purple and neon green Head Shrinker Beetlejuice nails I need to tend to.Another 24

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