Lilly Roses

Lilly Roses

These were supposed to be just straight up Valentine’s Day roses, but when I finished this manicure, I realized I had created a pattern most reminiscent of those ungodly expensive Lilly Pulitzer dresses people shank each other over on eBay.  I remember a year or two ago Lilly Pulitzer released a capsule collection with Target, and it sold out in stores and online within seconds.  And everywhere across America, then-pointless line-ups of enraged, colourfully-attired women shrieked in fury.  I jest because Lilly’s not my jam, and there’s not a thing on earth I want to purchase badly enough to take part in that kind of tomfoolery, but I’d be SO pissed if there was something I really wanted and instead it was nabbed in the first 10 seconds of store opening by some reseller who then turned around and jacked its price on eBay by 3000 percent.  Not cool. But at least there’s always Lilly-inspired nail art – and a veritable bargain compared to the clothes!

3 thoughts on “Lilly Roses

  1. Wow…I remember the Target incident, but didnt know this is the kind of print in that stuff…maybe I am thinking of similar thing that went down with Target Missoni collection or however it is spelled.

    Anyway! As nail art, I can get with it, like I said your flower nail art game is good 🙂

    • I think something like that has happened every time they’ve released a collection in collaboration with a big designer. I remember the Missoni thing. Also not my style, but I’d be so aggravated to find the $30 skirt I wanted on sale on eBay for $500.

      And thank you! I’ve been on a big floral kick lately. All the flowers all the time.

      • Yep it is always annoying/disappointing when limited stuff is snapped up just for resale at big markup.

        Well the time for flowers is now what with it being valentines and all…and hopefully spring, soon…I need sun so I can enjoy my holos!! 😀

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