Chick ‘N’ Mix: A Mini Lush Review

Chick 'N' Mix Collage

Everybody sing it with me now: “Chicken, chicken, you can’t cluck too much for me…chicken, chicken, why don’t you come down off of that tree?”  No, not familiar with that one?  I suppose that’s not too surprising – I didn’t know about the Chicken song either, a children’s ditty by a singer named Nancy Cassidy, until it was featured in one of Orange is the New Black’s first season episodes, “The Chickening” (that’s the one where the residents of the Litch, starved for decent food, exercise and mental stimulation, embark on a crazed poultry hunt for a wee chicken that appears in the yard one day.)

This chicken, a Chick ‘N’ Mix bath bomb from Lush’s Easter collection, is a little less revered than OITNB’s prized poultry, although I’ve no doubt some of those ladies would shank their own grandmother for an unsupervised bubble bath.  Separated into three parts – chick, shell and adorable little concealed bunny bomb – this gigantic bath ballistic cost a whopping $10.95 Canadian and is really intended for multiple uses, although I just threw total caution to the wind and chucked the whole thing in my tub en masse.

Like just about every other bath bomb I’ve purchased and used this year, the Chick ‘N’ Mix fizzed out in just a little under 30 seconds.  I didn’t have time to fire off a single photo of the bath art either, because there was none – both halves sunk straight to the bottom of the tub and dissolved quite neatly.  Dejected, I tossed the little orange bunny bomb into the mix and thought about how that’s $11.00 I’m never getting back.

This is the part where I try to justify another dud of a Lush purchase by noting that the Chick ‘N’ Mix bath bomb did provide me with some Easter weekend nail art inspiration. But I’m growing tired of limited use items that don’t behave as promised, don’t smell as described, AND put a neat dent in my pocketbook in the process.  That’s not the kind of inspiration I need!  I mean, it’s inspiring me not to want to purchase any more Lush bath bombs, but I’m fairly certain that’s not the inspiration Lush needs now, is it?

Also, this bath bomb was pure nightmare fuel.  Ahhhh, KILL IT!  KILL IT WITH FIRE! Beware the rabid chicken bath bomb, friends, as you really ought not to share your tubby time with critters frothing green gunge at the mouth.  Sage life advice, from me to you. 😉

Chick 'N' Mix Kill it With Fire Pic

8 thoughts on “Chick ‘N’ Mix: A Mini Lush Review

  1. They are adorable, but your nail art is amazing. So cute. I love lush but I rarely get their bath bombs. I stick to their fresh face masks.

    • Thank you so much, that’s really nice of you to say. 🙂 I’ve never tried any of Lush’s face masks myself, but I have a few empties piling up, and I think if you return them they give you a mask? I’ve had my eye on the cranberry one…

  2. I hate to say it too, but after reading your posts over the last few months maybe it is time for you to give up on the bath bombs for now… eek. I love lushes shampoo, creams and shower gels and admittedly I do get jealous of those super cute bath bombs (having only a shower). However, upon proper consideration I’d much rather spend £7 on a bottle of shampoo that’ll last me a while and know will work, compared to throwing £7 in a bath for it to be a hit or a miss and of one time use.
    For your own good, (soul and pocket) maybe just put the bath bombs on undefined temporary leave…

    • I think you’re right! I have three more in reserve (two for bloggin-about and one that I accidentally smashed all to hopeless bits on the floor) and then I think it’ll have to be something pretty special to get my bath dollars (which I’ve actually just funneled into sugar scrubs and other assorted indie bath goodies, so Lush’s loss is their incredible gain!)

  3. $11 of blog material LOL! I love your writing and photos… they totally redeem the bath bomb. Do you have any indie bath bombs you love? I have only tried a handful. For some reason I am hesitant to jump into that pool just yet. But maybe I should. Like you, Lush isn’t cutting it in the bath bombs for me unless it is Boxing Day. Love the nails!!! Super chick.

    • Well, that’s certainly how I look at it – blogging material. Rabid chicken blogging material. 🙂

      I actually have virtually zero experience with any bath bombs (really, bath products, period) outside of the realm of Lush, although I did see that BBW is now offering bath bombs. I haven’t checked them out yet myself. Not so sure about the indie stuff just yet – like, black bath bombs, I guess?

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