Cupcakes by the Ocean

Cupcakes by the Ocean 1

Well, that’s a terrible pun based off a not-so-great song (Cake by the Ocean by DNCE) that was nonetheless a total ear worm, which is how I wound up doing these nails yesterday when I was in a funky bad mood and could think of nothing better to cheer myself up than some nail art and a bit of bad punnage.  So mission accomplished?  Because I’m feeling much better today, and these nails are pretty funny, and maybe even just plain old pretty. 🙂

Cupcakes by the Ocean 2

5 thoughts on “Cupcakes by the Ocean

  1. I’m sorry about your funk, but you flipped it into something funky-these nails most certainly are; trippy almost. So heck yeah for beating the bad mood with paint and cute.

  2. These are definitely cool nails. And they fit perfectly with the Just Dance version of the song. My girls and I danced to it a few times this summer. I hope things look up for you soon.

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