Nuh-Uh, Snow Way!

Snow Way bottle

I woke up this morning to weather that looked a lot like this polish, KB Shimmer’s blizzard in a bottle, Snow Way.  At first I thought it was fog. The weather’s been all over the place lately, and as I live right on the edge of a river, fog is an all-the-time possibility.  But upon closer inspection, the fog revealed itself to be softly drifting snow – the first of the year, save for a few flakes last month.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that standing there in the dark of the morning’s very earliest hours, staring down the barrel of four or even five more months of icy, slushy, snowy weather, I cried.  In my city, the winter months are a time to be endured, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve done just about enough enduring this year already, you know? Smooth sailing needs to be the order of the day from here on out – easier said than done when the water’s all iced over.

But you can always, ALWAYS, have pretty nails…assuming, of course, you haven’t lost any extremities to frostbite.  And this polish goes a long way towards the pretty, even if its icy blue base and smattering of matte white glitter is more North Pole than Hawaiian beach.  KB Shimmer released Snow Way as part of last year’s holiday collection, but you can still find this blizzardy beauty at Harlow & Co. and, of course, KB itself.

Snow Way fingers

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