Just Desserts

JustDessertsRightI have become quite enamored as of late with Instagrammer passionforbaking‘s account, which features beautiful photos of the incredible baked goods she produces on a daily basis (oh sure, I get up and fire off two loaves of country white and a pan of edible gold-flecked cupcakes before dawn every day, don’t you?) as well as snapshots of her absolutely drop dead gorgeous kitchen, which I very nearly covet in the biblical sense of the word. Decorated entirely in shades of baby pink, icy turquoise and cream and bearing more than a passing resemblance to the idealized version of the 1950s kitchen (turquoise and white checkered linoleum floors, chrome-rimmed tables, turquoise pleather diner stools and polka dots aplenty), it’s a pastiche that somehow manages to sidestep any twee obnoxiousness that might otherwise come along with a 1950s style kitchen outfitted entirely in shades of Easter egg.

So when I recently purchased these sweet little fimo cane decals, I thought it might be fun to copy a bit of passionforbaking’s fantastic culinary and decorating style, but on my nails. I have no doubt her creations are about 8,000 times yummier than the goodies I’ve laid out here (although I barely notice the food, so enchanted am I by her kitchen), although I think I got the overall aesthetic right, particularly the tiny little Jadeite cake stands holding my fimo sweets aloft. Just about good enough to eat!

17 thoughts on “Just Desserts

    • I know, right? Like, what is WRONG with this person?! Never have, actually. I have this great photo of me one Easter morning when I was maybe three. I’m in my jammies, hair everywhere, looking half in the bag (for a three-year-old) and my parents have just thrust this basket in my hands and told me to go wandering around my grandparents’ house looking for chocolate that a bunny hid in the night? I COULD NOT look more confused, probably because I couldn’t figure out the point – like, if the bunny had hidden potato chips all over the house, I would have been ALL over that!

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