October 2015 Bottle

Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for October 2015 is a black-hued, champagne shimmer-flecked holographic that reminds me very much of a favourite polish of mine, Lilypad Lacquer’s Rainbows in Space. I was initially kind of bummed that I seemed to have another dupe on my hands – nail polish redundancy is something I really strive to avoid. But on closer inspection, October 2015 reveals itself to be a nice alternative to Rainbows in Space, remaining a true black on the nail, something a bit rare with shimmer-enhanced polishes (the copper shimmer in Rainbows in Space, for instance, lends the polish a charcoal grey and sometimes even navy-type tinge in certain lights.) I like that October 2015 remains a pretty solid black on the nail – the better to admire all those pretty rainbows (which you cannot see in these photos, of course, because the sun cares not to visit my apartment at this time of year. Stupid jerk sun ruining my swatching plans.)

October 2015 Fingers Shade 1October 2015 Fingers Shade 2

One thought on “Blackheart

  1. Better black than orange for Halloween, IMHO! Im an orange hater. Although holo orange is slightly more acceptable.

    But this one is pretty sweet!

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