My Top 16 Nail Art Designs of 2016


Closing out another year of intensely fussy nail art with a look back at the 16 designs that ruled my 2016. Highlights this year include a growing mastery of the water marbling technique (if not the ability to get any two of my nails to look the same), a begrudging acceptance of once-hated charms, studs and other dangly bits, a more than passing acquaintance with tiny, free-handed designs and an absolute ton of lettering, both on my nails and on the page, one of many fun little tangential offshoots of this nail art business.

In nearly all respects, 2016 has been a miserable year, more like a deeply unpleasant dream than actual reality. But that warm, tiny little fissure of joy I get from a nail art job well done?  That’s real, and cherished – a bright spot amidst the gloom, and one I’d like to share with you.  I hope you enjoy this look back at some of my better efforts. 🙂

Miss Argentina, the droll, seen-it-all receptionist who mans the check-in desk in the Waiting Room of the Dead in the movie Beetlejuice.

Miss Argentina Hand

Custard Waffle Cone, With Sprinkles.  Yummy.

Dollish Polish's Get Your Sprinkle On!: Funfetti Frozen Custard

Beetlejuice.  This manicure is my favourite of the year; I think I really nailed the lettering. A more than fitting tribute for a beloved movie.


Suicide Squad, a movie that had a lot of (Hot Topic-infused) style and not much substance.

Suicide Squad 1 Hand

Sandra’s Midnight Garden, because sometimes you just want pretty, pretty nails.

Secret Midnight Garden Fingers

Butterfly Garden, for when you’re in the mood to infuriate yourself with glitter placement.  Also, see above re: pretty.

Butterflies in the Sun

Sandra’s Fabrics.  Here’s another post with my name in the title, this time a play on the name of textile purveyor Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.


Saturberries.  Because this is a strawberry manicure and I did it on a Saturday.  Sometimes it’s really just that silly!

Succulent Strawberries Shade

Super Mario Bros.  Boing, boing!

Super Mario 1

Floral Fingers.  The absolute height of 3D embellishment madness.

Floral Fingers 1

Fruity Fingers.  Although there is an awful lot of stuff on these nails, is there not?

Fruity Fingers Shade

What a Gem.  Although these nails are nothing BUT gorgeous little gemstone nail charms atop a smokin’ hot polish, so clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about!

What a Gem 1

The Division.  For my gamer husband, who is approaching 1,000 hours of playable game time.  It’s a sickness.

The Division Hand

Blurryface.  Twenty One Pilots was the non-stop soundtrack to my 2016.

twenty one pilots hand

Saturday Night Sushi.  Another lotsa-stuff-on-my-nails mani painted on a Saturday night.  Those microbeads were a nightmare to corral.

Sushi Hand

Dory.  I like this nail art more than I liked the actual movie.  Pixar, you be slacking lately.

Dory Hand

18 thoughts on “My Top 16 Nail Art Designs of 2016

  1. Seeing these designs totally brightened my day. Couldn’t agree more w/2016-a personal and collective nightmare. You excel with the boldest graphics and they’re my faves of the designs. Miss Argentina bc it’s so unexpected and I used to be obsessed with Beetlejuice. You should be very proud of the title lettering. I love your interpretation of sushi, and Dory would be my fave because its too cute. I did feel cool for recognizing Blurry face (in my car disc player right now)
    Cheers to more fun nails in 2017, can’t wait to see what it brings.

    • Thanks so much, that’s awesome to hear! What a lovely compliment. 🙂 Ahh, Miss Argentina! She’s always been my favourite (and I’ve got some likewise obsessive feelings towards Beetlejuice; probably my favourite movie? Top three at least.) I loved that manicure – the colours were so great.

      Ha, Blurryface! What an amazing album. Twenty One Pilots totally made my 2016 – I listened to very little else. Um, virtually nothing else, actually!

      And cheers right back to you for a wonderful 2017 – I’m really looking forward to seeing what you and your blog get up to; more fun waxy and beauty stuff and good times. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness all of those nails are so creative and beautiful – thanks for writing this post! happy new year – cant wait to read your blog 2017 xxx

    • Thanks, Jessica, I’m glad you liked them! I love doing these kind of round-up posts – great opportunity to look back at what I did right (or sometimes very wrong!) over the year. Plus, so many pretty colours!

  3. So much talent and happiness in these manicures. I love seeing the Gem/Fruit one up close and the gamer one is really cool. What a stellar round up of favorites. Can’t wait to see what you brew up this year.

  4. I love them all! 😀 The sushi one is amazing – I can imagine those microbeads were a pain!
    Other favourites: Butterfly Garden, Sandra’s Fabrics, Floral Fingers… I like PRETTY, ok! 😉

    • Hey, you don’t need to justify the pretty thing to me – I’m all about the pretty nails! And linens, and PJs, and pillows and…I just like little flowers and other embellishments on things, okay?!

  5. Talking about nail art inspiration! I’m so bad at doing my nails but always determined to give it a go, again and again. Fruity Fingers and Sandra’s Midnight Garden are definitely my favorites. Can’t beat a good amount of glitter and bright/strong colors. Fantastic work. Can’t wait to see what is next.

    Would you be interested in writing/sharing a couple of articles on I’d love to see more if this kind of content on the platform as we continue to branch out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.

    • Well, thank you very much – I’m glad you like my designs! I love picking out my favourites of the year and putting them all together – so colourful. Thanks so much for your lovely compliments. 🙂

      And I would indeed be interested in writing/sharing/contributing to – went and checked it out this afternoon. I pulled your contact info off your blog and I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow, thanks!

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